About Us

Welcome to Sarah Marie Bikini!

I'm Sarah, the girl behind the bikinis. I have been living in Northern Alberta for just over 9 years. I work as a Health and Safety Consultant during the day and work on my swimwear business in the evening and weekends. I've been sewing since I was old enough to thread the needle on a sewing machine.

In high school I completed my Diploma in Fashion Technology where we learned pattern design, industrial sewing practices and theory. I Took first place in a competition for Western Glove (Silver Jeans) where i made a denim sun suit and beach bag, so you can say my interest in swim and beach wear started around 2003!!!

My bikini journey started about 8 years ago sewing fitness competition bikinis for my sister, which quickly lead to taking orders for other athletes. Through the years there were countless hours of trial and error, blood, sweat and lots of tears as I self-taught myself how to develop patterns to work for the evolving and very strict guidelines for body building competitions. Learning the characteristics of spandex and stretch fabrics was a pretty big undertaking. Over the years my customers began to ask about swimsuits as they would often have a photoshoot or vacation scheduled shortly after their shows. I fell in love with creating swimsuits and having the freedom to choose different colors and fabric prints.

January 2022 I decided to fully take the leap in swimwear and couldn't be more excited.

If you're new to SMB, welcome! If you've been with me from the start, thank you from the bottom of my heart.